Innovation is
in our DNA.


Innovation highlights

We love to innovate together with our customers. In order to create as little impact on the environment as possible, we are constantly developing sustainable materials and technologies. As pioneers, we pave the way.

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Walltex Biovate

We invented this seamless wallcovering that has become the industry-standard. Its successor, Walltex biovate, is the first 100% PVC-free edition.

Durst Haptic 2.5D

Printing in relief, is that really possible? It is, by combining 2D and 3D technology in our new 2.5D printer. It’s the first supersize print production relief printer in the world.


Durst Kappa

This state-of-the-art machine is the fastest high-quality sublimation printer out there. We were the first beta user worldwide to introduce it to the market. This unique technology enables us to produce a wide variety of applications.