Big Impact @ DDW 2018, part 2

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13 December 2018

DDW part 2

After last years’ succes at DDW, the in4nite project continued and they presented themselves ao. At Object Rotterdam and during the Salone del Mobili in Milan.

In the spirit of innovation, In4nite is a platform that combines the ideas and creativity of product designers, graphic designers and architects with the technical expertise of Low & Bonar to create a diverse range of designs and products. The designers use their expertise to create all sorts of concepts and products from the technical textile, know to us as DECOweb.

This year 7 designers created various concepts with DECOweb. The general goals is to think outside the box, to think about other ways of working with this colback material and thus to help in possible future market developments.

To us, Joris de Groot’s concept stood out. He took the factory as point of origin and researched the many different techniques and materials that are applied in the manufacturing of car interiors. This lead to a very special collection of shoes: 2000N Pressed Shoe.

For more information and the concepts of all 7 designers, we refer you to

Photography: StudioCollector